Discover a Whole New World at LCR

A World of Friendship.
Nothing quite compares with having true friends. People who will listen and accept you. People who know that nobody’s perfect but understand that we can all grow. Come and discover some friends you haven’t met, yet.

A World of Encouragement.

Encouragement. It’s just like a glass of cold water on a steamy hot summer day. But sometimes it seems as rare as the proverbial desert oasis. If you’re feeling thirsty for some real encouragement, the Bible is an ever-flowing spring!   Come and be refreshed!

A World of Fun.

Growing up can be tough! Our kids need people they can turn to and trust, people who can give them good direction – and the kind of fun that helps them keep things in perspective.
Come and discover the fun and encouragement waiting for the kids in your life.

A World of Opportunity.

It doesn’t take long to learn that the greatest joys in life come when we invest our lives in others, when we share the experience and ability that have enriched our lives. You’ve got a lot to offer!

Come and discover the opportunities that are waiting for someone just like you!

A World of Hope.

Life has its problems, no question about it. But God offers solutions that really work. Together we can discover the true purpose and meaning of sharing our lives with others.

And you’ll also find genuine encouragement and hope, enough to last a lifetime.

A New World.            

Every new life holds such exciting promise and possibility, each one a never-before-seen personality waiting to be revealed. It makes you want to do your very best to see them become all that God meant them to be. Discover a place made especially for your special “promises”.

A World of Strength.

Relationships link our lives together, as friends, husbands and wives, parents and children, and extended families. They are a great source of joy – and a real challenge at times, but always worth working for.

Discover the strength to help your relationships grow.

A World of Real People.

Don’t you enjoy going where you can just be yourself?  Where you don’t have to act like somebody you aren’t?  It requires being accepted by others who love you in spite of the flaws. That’s what God’s love is like.

Come and discover a place where you can be yourself – and still be loved.



People everywhere are looking for a warm and accepting place, full of life and activity, where there is a sense of family and belonging. A place to find practical advice for everyday living. Our church is that kind of place.

I invite you to get to know us. It can be very exciting around here – something is always happening for every age. Come and join us! We would love to get to know you and make our place...your place.

Pastor Tom Hurley
Interim Pastoral Leader

Copyright 2010 Lutheran Church of the Resurrection