Lutheran Church of the Resurrection exists to:
nurture people in faith;

            equip people with a faith that works in everyday life;

            welcome people to faith;

            send people into the world to serve in Jesus’ name.

In a word, it is NEWS

                        Nurture - spiritual growth, faith development
                        Equip - ministry, leadership, training
                        Welcome - invite, worship
                        Send - service, care


Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a vibrant congregation which exists to give glory and praise to God in Jesus Christ.  In friendship, trust and respect, we see ourselves as a center for Christian growth, renewal and mission in the lives of individuals and families.

We are committed to:

             Worship as a dynamic experience of the presence of God through Word and Sacrament, music and
                     Christian fellowship;

             Welcome everyone to meet Jesus Christ no matter where they are on their spiritual journey of life;

             Empower and assist individuals, couples, and families to discover the power of the Holy Spirit
faith active in daily life; and
             Grow in providing opportunities for individuals to increase their knowledge, confidence, and joy in
Christ through prayer and Bible study, fellowship groups and active service in our
                     congregation and c

            Lutheran Church of the Resurrection values:
    • Faith in Jesus Christ
    • Passion for the Gospel
    • Respect for all people
    • Kindness and compassion
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Spiritual growth
    • Worship as a privilege and way of meeting God with other believers
    • Friendship and Community (family, belonging, fellowship, serving)

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