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The labyrinth is a path of prayer, a walking meditation that can be a mirror of the soul.

A labyrinth is not a maze.
A maze is designed for you to lose your way;
A labyrinth is designed for you to find your way.
But there is a condition.
We must be willing.
We must ask.
And we must listen to hear the answer.
Four Stages for walking the Labyrinth:
Ask, Listen, Receive, and be Grateful.
May your walk be filled with blessings.
Whoever you are...
Wherever you are in your journey of faith...
You are welcome here!


Be at Peace! God is With You and For You!
What does it mean to “walk the Labyrinth”? 
Walking the labyrinth puts contemporary people in touch with a practice dating back thousands of years. Labyrinths are found in diverse cultures across the globe. Resurrection’s labyrinth is a replica of the one placed in 1201 as part of the stone floor of the cathedral at Chartres, France. This eleven circuit labyrinth was used as a “pilgrim
 Christians have walked the labyrinth as a “prayer path” for centuries.

The twenty-four foot, forest green labyrinth at Resurrection is a seven circuit petite-Chartres.

A labyrinth is a “walking meditation” that can become a mirror of the soul. A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is designed for you to lose your way; a labyrinth is designed for you to find your way.

Words of Insight from Sacred Text
“Yet the Lord pleads with you still:
Ask where the good road is,
the godly paths you use to walk in,
the days of long ago.
travel there, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Jeremiah 6:16

“But the Lord was not in the wind...or the earthquake or the fire.

But the Lord was in the still small voice saying to Elijah...
“Go on your way!”
Kings 19 (paraphrased)
“Be still and know that I am God!”
Psalm 46 
How do you walk the labyrinth?
See the building of our labyrinth: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBLJsnnWuA4&feature=youtu.be
There is no “wrong” or “right” way to walk the labyrinth. However, it may be helpful to view this “prayer walk” as a three-step process.

First, moving toward the center, walkers release or let go of cares and concerns which distract them; in the center, one pauses, perhaps for several minutes (stand or sit, it matters not!) to pray, receive clarity, offer praise, be open to guidance; on the way out walkers may perceive a sense of unity, a renewed vision, a sense of oneness, peace, hope or a refreshed spirit.

Each experience is unique to the individual.

Please walk or move throughout the labyrinth at your own pace. Some walkers pause at various points on the path. Feel free to pass others whose pace is different than yours. In fact, some may choose not to “walk” at all and simply sit outside the labyrinth as they engage in prayer and reflection. That, too, is all right!

How can I get more involved with the LCR Labyrinth Ministry?

The LCR Labyrinth Ministry is always looking for individuals interested in helping with open walks as well as the care taking of our labyrinth. If you are interested in becoming involved as a labyrinth volunteer, please speak with any member of the Labyrinth Ministry team, visit our website, or leave your name and contact information at the welcome table during any of our open walk sessions. While we are a Lutheran labyrinth ministry, we welcome the participation of people of all ages and faith traditions to share our labyrinth.

LCR Labyrinth Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide ministry to the church and community by facilitating regular labyrinth walks and offering education about the labyrinth. We are committed to the ongoing responsibility for maintaining our labyrinth’s physical and sacred well-being. An integral part of our ministry will be outreach to the greater North Bay community. We envision sharing our labyrinth with other religious communities, people with terminal illness, people with AIDS, schools, medical care givers, human service providers, and all others who connect with the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. We hope to share the healing, prayerful, and renewing power God in Christ via the labyrinth with children, youth, and adults. 

In addition to our Labyrinth Ministry, LCR has an active Stephen Ministry program. Trained individuals who can offer weekly support and encouragement to other persons during difficult times in life such as illnesses, divorce, grief, or job loss are available to journey with you for a season as you address your needs and concerns. Please speak to our pastor immediately prior to or following you labyrinth “prayer walk,” or call the church office to speak with him directly at a convenient time.

Resurrection is a member congregation of the CNH District of the LC-MS. 415-479-1334.


Please call the church office (415) 479-1334 or visit our website to confirm times and dates of upcoming walks.   www.ResurrectionLutheranSanRafael.org.

Thank you for sharing your time with us.
Please join us each month as we journey the path of life with monthly Labyrinth Walks.
Blessings along the Path of Life.



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